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The joy of painting en plein air

I love getting outdoors and painting the landscape from life. There’s really nothing quite like it for seeing colours as they truly are – a photo won’t do that for you. And all your senses are involved; the sounds of the birds, or the passing cars, or people chatting as they walk by, the smell of wet earth or flowers, the touch of the breeze, or the blast of cold wind, or the warmth of the sun. All of these play a part in the whole sensation of being outside and being alive and painting!

Today I got the chance to do just that. The sun was shining, the weather was warm and perfect, and there was no wind to knock the easel over. I took my chance to paint an orange grove that is nearby and at the moment has the ground smothered in a tiny bright yellow flower. It’s a weed, but it’s beautiful. And at this time of year there a plenty of oranges still on the trees, and today the sky was a glassy blue.

Take a look at the video I made of this experience, and perhaps go and paint outdoors as soon as you can. There are extreme plein air painters who paint in the rain and the snow, so you’ve no excuse (only joking!).

Get a FREE 40 page guide to Plein Air painting

I am on Instagram (#andywalker.art) and last night I was flicking through some of the artists that I follow there and came across a free offer from Lena Rivo. It looked interesting so I signed up for it and got the download. It is so good that I would now like to share it with you!

Here’s what she said about it on Instagram:
“On my recent trip to Northern Portugal, I collected so many small observations and thoughts about plein air painting that I decided to combine them in an E-book. So, upon my return, I created a new free 40-page PDF guide in which I share my approach to plein air painting, as well as my observations and tips that might be helpful for artists who are inspired by nature. On the last page of the guide you will find a link to a short film from the trip that inspired me to write this guide.

You can download the ebook at the link on my website: www.lenarivo.com

This ebook is full of images, so hopefully it will be a fun read for you” 😊❤️

Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Lena has other free booklets etc. on her website as well.