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“Art Bundle for Good” now on sale

Please don’t miss out on this amazing offer. This is the sixth year I have collaborated with this Art Bundle, and together we have raised US$81,654 for the charity Courageous Kitchen so far.

In this year’s Bundle you will have access to over $5000 worth of art courses and other resources on topics like watercolour painting, art journaling, sketching, mixed media, gouache, acrylic painting, oil painting, stencils, collage, pastel pencils, coloured pencils, stamp carving, and much more all bundled together for one amazing low price – just $97.

This is an genuine opportunity to get more than 100 art resources from 85 different artists (including me!) at such a low price. With so many products, it works out to less than $1 per course!
The courses are not time limited, so you can access them whenever you want for as long as you want.

Buy the bundle here for just $97

You can find a complete list of the products in the Bundle from my website here, plus some testimonials of happy customers from other years: PRODUCT LIST


My lightweight watercolour plein air easel

I’ve been playing around with easel and pochade designs for many years, always looking for the perfect set-up. And I think I may now have found it.

The ones you can buy online are no doubt very sturdy and useable but for many of us they are just too expensive. You can easily pay hundreds of dollars for a professionally made easel.
I actually enjoy designing and making boxes and easels, so it’s been no hardship to search for a cheaper and possibly better solution.
The easel I have finally settled upon is suitable for watercolour, acrylic or gouache painting and sketching outdoors. It is lightweight, very portable (it folds away flat), and quick to set up and pack away.

Take a look at this video to see it in action:

If you would like to make one, then I have a pdf you can download from here:

I hope this is of interest. please let me know your comments!

Paint Your Own Christmas Cards

christmas card tree Do you want to send a personalised card to someone special this year? Or do you just enjoy getting into the festive swing and creating things for Christmas?

Then why not take a look at my ‘Paint your own Christmas cards` which you can find on my website at I have designed four different styles of card, using four different watercolour techniques to paint them, so there is plenty to learn as you enjoy making them. I have tried to make them quick to do so that you can treat all your friends to a special card and still have time to stuff the turkey!

Please take a look, and have fun making Christmas extra special this year.

Amazing 3d Street Art

street art

I came across this on google+ and thought you might like to see it. I don’t know where it is from or who painted it (or probably edited it in photoshop!) but it is an amazing piece of artwork. I guess we’ve all seen street artists creating 3d pictures on pavements and roads before (they appear in the newspapers from time to time), but this one is especially good and very creative.



By the way if you want to join me on google+


then please do. I’d love to have you on board! Just look me up under Andy Walker. There are lots of people who share my name, so go through the pages until you see this photo

Fantastic Range of Urban Sketches

Urban sketchers

I recently came across this blog which features sketches and often equally colorful stories behind the scenes by 100 invited artists in more than 30 countries around the world. Some are architects and illustrators, others are graphic designers, web developers, painters or educators, all sharing the same passion for drawing on location.

Urban Sketchers started online as a flickr group in 2007 and later became a nonprofit organization. Our mission as a nonprofit is to raise the artistic, storytelling and educational value of location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel. We aim to show the world, one drawing at a time.

It’s a great source of ideas and inspiration for sketching, as everyone has a unique and different style – take a look at the blog at; you won’t be disappointed.

Unbelievable 3D drawings

3D drawings How well do you think you can draw?

However good you are, I am still certain that you will be amazed and challenged by these remarkable 3-dimensional drawings. Visit this webpage and click on the Next button to see 15 different drawings.

Can you see how they were done? They are certainly great optical illusions.
Why not have a go at a 3D drawing yourself! I’ll post any on the blog for the world to see!

New Art Magazine for the UK

Discover ArtNew magazine for practising artists, Discover Art, is taking shape

Discover Art will be a lively, inclusive, engaging read that will encourage and inspire its readers as they explore their interest in painting and drawing. I hope you will join us on its journey. With thanks to our partners at Great Art.” 

The first edition of Discover Art will include inspiring and enlightening articles by Lucy Duke and Joe Dowden on watercolour, Thomas Doran and Iain Holman on oils, Anne Davies on acrylics, Rachel Munn on coloured pencils, and Susan Murtaugh on iPad art. We will be featuring a round-up of our favourite art materials and products, painting holidays to long for, how social media can help the artist by leading art blogger Katherine Tyrrell, interviews and profiles of successful artists including this year’s BP Portrait Award winner, Susanne du Toit, and a gallery of work by artists with a range of experience and approaches. Add to that articles about framing, exhibiting and art courses – there’s something for everyone in Discover Art magazine, launching in November 2013.

Do you think there is room for another Art Magazine? Will you be buying it? Click the Reply button and let us know your thoughts.

Unusual Abstract Art

Who do you think painted this abstract piece of art? art by chimp


It is a delicate, vibrantly coloured work featuring daubs of violet, blue and yellow on paper, and it has just won a $10,000 (£6,450) prize in a competition that gathered 27,000 votes.
The technique, displayed in his untitled winning painting, is said to be unusual. The artist “paints only with his tongue. His unique approach and style, while a little unorthodox, results in beautiful pieces of art.”

The Humane Society Art Competition was judged by noted primate researcher and conservationist, Jane Goodall. The prize in the contest, sponsored by the Humane Society of the US will benefit Chimp Haven, a sanctuary in the US state of Louisiana.

Yes, you’ve probably guessed by now – the artist was a chimpanzee! He is called Brent.

Brent is a retired laboratory animal, and the Humane Society says he is protective of an elder companion, named Grandma, and “loves to laugh and play”.
“All of the art was beautiful and unique, just like chimpanzees,” Jane Goodall said, in a statement distributed by the Humane Society. She added, “it was difficult to choose.”

So, now you know. It doesn’t make my efforts at Abstract Art look so bad!
And here is a photo of Brent.



Sources: BBC website and The Telegraph  31st August 2013
photos: Associated Press


Ken Bromley Catalogue Competition Winner

cc-win-2013  This is the winning entry for the Ken Bromley Art supplies catalogue for 2013. Congrulations indeed to Sam Dolman!

Sam Dolman is an artist specialising in oil paintings of animals. Being based in the Peak District offers him countless opportunities to photograph nature. Cows have become his favourite subject, and certainly spending time with animals is often more enjoyable than the actual painting process! The personality of each animal is always the most important thing to capture. Often with a humorous twist, he hopes to share his perception of the animal world with the viewer. See more of Sam’s work on his website.

See the other shortlisted entries in this video.

Do you have a favourite?

David Poxon and the Five Watercolour Masters

Killing Time smallDavid Poxon is about to ship 15 paintings out to Shanghai for an exhibition at the Quanhua Gallery.  David won an award there last year in the International Biennial Watercolour Exhibition for his painting, Killing Time, and has since been invited back to exhibit this year with the aptly named  Five Masters of watercolour (David Poxon,  Alvaro Castagnet, Josef Zbukvik, David Taylor, and John Yardley). The exhibition runs from October to December 2013.