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Welcome to the blog connected with my online art courses website at  ArtClassPro.com.   

What will you find here?
Well, all sorts of interesting stuff I hope. Inspiration and thoughts about painting. How I and others use art materials and equipment. Painting tips and ideas. My favourite art books and Youtubers… In short, anything that will inspire your creativity!
So please make this blog your own. Comment on anything. Tweet it. Facebook it. Like it. Share it.
Together we can help each other on this great adventure of creating art.

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Your friend
Andy Walker

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. DMarie Trevino

    Hello Andy!
    So glad to see you doing what you love!
    You were such a blessing to
    And gave me a happy goal while I battled so much pain and fatigue! I took your class many Years ago for Watercolor. I was very ill and could only stay at Home. You were so very kind and helpful. Continued success My Friend!

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  2. marlrecords

    Hello Andy,
    I have always wanted to be a painter, but study and then working whilst studying took all hobby time away. Now that I have found a good job and have time to sit down and paint, you’re courses were by far the best and your method of mentoring was absolutely fantastic. I have learnt lots from you, and I will continue to go back to your lectures should I ever be stuck on a new piece. All the best from Scotland! Adam

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  3. Martin

    Hello Andy,
    I look forward to your blog posts. During COVID I have completed four of your courses through Udemy and found each one to be informative, easy to follow and very worthwhile. Keep up the great work.

    Toronto, Canada.

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    1. Donna Walker

      Andy has a Facebook group called Painting Posts specifically for people who’ve done or who are doing his courses. It would be lovely to see some of your work there!



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