The Blog is Back!

Well this is my first post back on this blog for quite some time, so thank you for waiting around for it! It’s actually been seven and a half years since my last post here which is heading towards a medal from the Guinness Book of Records!
I switched blogging platforms for a few years, but have now decided to move back here and start blogging again from this site. I’ve updated it, changed its name (from to the snappier “Andy’s Art Blog”, and it’s new URL is, and I’m raring to go!

So welcome back to my blog connected with my online art courses website (

What will you find here?

Well, all sorts of interesting stuff I hope. Inspiration and thoughts about painting. How I and others use art materials and equipment. Painting tips and ideas. My favourite art books and Youtubers… In short, anything that will inspire your creativity!

So please look around and make this blog your own.
Comment on anything. Tweet it. Facebook it. Like it. Share it.

Together we can help each other on this great adventure of creating art.

Coming soon:

  • Inktober 2021
  • David Hockney and the art of painting time
  • News of my painting holiday 2022
  • A look through my gouache sketchbook
  • How to set up a viewfinder for a still life (video)
  • The best teachers on YouTube (well, some of them!)
  • How to design a winning painting
  • Ann Blockley and the natural way to paint
  • My plein air sketchbook set-up
  • And more…

If you’ve got any ideas for future posts, then please let me know.

Your friend

Andy Walker

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